Sunday, November 2, 2008

They all leak!!!

We finally got rain this weekend. We have been having a major drought in California this year. Yesterday we got over 2 inches of rain. I noticed some wet spots along the floor and decided to look into it, right after I watched the Raiders get their asses kicked again. The dog even waited until the end of the game.

This is just one of the wet spots. It is up at the front of the trailer by the water inlet. I could not find any sign of moisture on the surface. BAD SIGN.

I really thought some of you smart guys (and girls) would have noticed that in my previous post the fiberglass insulation was pink. I thought it was odd that when I drilled into the front to mount the rain drip caps, the fiberglass that came out on the drill bit was yellow. Well, now we know. Can you say accident on the street-side? Areas have been repaired/replaced!

The fiberglass was soaked and had some black spots around the area of the front window so I removed it and threw it in the trash. You can see where the ribs were spliced. So far I have only found two damaged ribs and the repairs look OK. They actually used bucked rivets.

The shot below shows how apparently the wiring was damaged so somebody repaired it with wire nuts. I am constantly amazed how people will cut corners to fix stuff. I am now convinced that all of the interior wall must be removed, leaks found and sealed and wiring replaced.

Since I can only post five photos I will continue this in the next entry.



crowldawg said...

When I started I was prepared to take all the interior walls down but after removing everthing inside and taking off the belly I only found the two sections of rot that I mentioned to you already.The plywood looked brand new on the belly side.
I found a few splices like the ones you are showing in the belly.I wonder if that was SOP back then?

alumanutz said...

I don''t have a problem with splices as long as they are done properly. The cut ribs have heavy aluminum spanned over the cut then several bucked rivets on each side for strength. I will splice in a floor repair with plates as I did in the rear. I will continue removing interior sheet metal due to the electrical. There should never be a joint hidden behind a panel. I will run new wire from breaker to nose.