Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Continuing with the tub-shower-sink removal.

After removing all rivets and running a putty knife between the tub-shower combo and the end cap, I was able to pick it up and move it forward in the trailer. This is where I learned something else. When lifting all of this fiberglass by yourself, you can't see a damn thing. The drain for the sink is a really tight fit. In my case, it caught and broke off the drain line that I worked so hard to save. Oh well, it broke so easily that it must have become brittle over the last forty years so I will add one more thing to the list of repairs. If you are going to remove your combo, I would recommend that you cut the drain line at the same time you cut the water supply lines.

The next step is to drill out the rivets that secure the sink surround to the tub. The unit , when assembled, will not fit out the door. The faucet must be taken off and is almost impossible to get to while assembled. Besides that, my sink is really messed up and will be replaced with one I got from Scott Goranson. Thanks Scott! Here is a photo of the mysterious "Hidden Rivets". The yellow area is the back side of the tub.
This is the area behind the tub where most of you folks post pictures of rotten or missing plywood. I guess I got lucky. Moisture but solid wood.
After all of this, this is what you end up with.

The final step was to remove the end cap which is pretty straight forward. I drilled out the rivets and replaced them with "Clecos". After getting all of the rivets out I started removing the Clecos and balancing the end cap till it dropped. It then goes out the door. The final picture shows one last surprise. More farking Olympic rivets!! More water leakage. There are about 100 of these holding on the end panels. Accepted repair method my ass. Everyone of them leaks as you can see in the photos.
Next step is to drill these out and replace with bucked rivets. Then I can continue sealing up all the leaks and run new electrical. The fun just keep happening.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I didn't die, I just took a break.

Well the weather finally cleared up enough to get a little time to work on the trailer. I decided to finish the removal of the insides. All I had left was the toilet sink tub shower combo and the rear end cap. I had researched the tub removal and knew that there were hidden rivets but never could find much detail. So, armed with my trusty tubing cutters and a Sawzall, I went to work. The first item was to disconnect the water lines to the sink. In the 66 Safari the water lines feed the sink faucet as well as the shower wand. There is a small access hole that is so located that you can't get in to disconnect the lines so I cut them.

As you will see in the below photo, it was a good idea! I don't think there is anybody that could have snaked their hands around in there to get these lines disconnected. Keep in mind that in this photo, the open area facing you is actually riveted to the tub/shower surround. There is no access to this area until later. The only access to the connections are thru the opening at the lower left of the photo, so just cut it.
The next step was to remove the drain lines to the sink and tub. You do this with a tool that I found at the big box orange store that has an "X" on the end. It engages the X in the bottom of the drain and it unscrews. The sink was a little tight so I applied a little heat to it and loosened the sealant and it came right out. Next was the tub drain. First attempt and the X tore out and fell to the bottom of the drain.

I used the sawzall to cut the sides and an air operated grinder to get the top flange cut in half.

The tape was applied to protect the bathtub but, I ain't that good kids!
I then put a punch on the cut lines and broke that sucker in half and removed it.

Oh well, a little Bondo and it will be good as new. I have to paint it anyway! The cuts are really shallow.

I will continue this in the next post, I have to get up and get a beer.