Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Floor Repair

Nothing long winded about this one. Pretty much like the other repairs I have shown. The only real difference in this one was setting the blade a little too deep at first. DOH!! Make note of that one Marcus! Got that taken care of and removed the damaged wood. I used my Sawzall to remove the elevator bolts.

A little dab of POR 15 and a few splice plates and we are ready. The splice plates are 4 inches wide and I apply a couple of heavy beads of sub floor adhesive then screw them in.

I will pop in a new piece of plywood tomorrow after the POR 15 cures. Sub floor adhesive will go on the splice plates and ribs then bolted down. Check one more off the list. Unfortunately, the list keeps growing.


Marc (3ms75Argosy) said...

Lol! Know what you mean about the depth setting.. I was cutting the floor out of my Tradewind.. when I noticed SPARKS! "Huh, what's THAT from...." Didn't know I could cut steel! Not too deep, mind you, just a scratch, but very dramatic neverless!

I have a pair of bolt cutters I used for the floor bolts that where left in the frame.. worked like a charm, and fast too.

utee94 said...

I'll beware of the depth-- ironic that I asked that question on my thread, just as you were experiencing the exact issue! :)

Looking good!