Saturday, November 22, 2008

Darth Vader comes to Chico

Well at least his helmet did. Removed that last piece of interior skin then pulled out the front end cap. As usual, Toby the wonder dog was there to help.

Found a small rodent nest but no rodent bodies so far.Next step will to remove the shower/sink combo and the toilet.

I made a new discovery. At least new to me. Crazy glue works to stop the bleeding when you get cut with a sharp edge of fiberglass.


Frank Yensan said...

I, like the ancient Maya, believe we all should offer up a little blood. I find that any job I do goes so much smoother once a little blood has been shed. By the way, your jerky is the best I had. Maybe it is the act of generosity that makes it taste so good, maybe it is the way it was prepared, but it is some excellent stuff. I think you should add a gadget to your blog and offer it for sale. Yes, it is that good.

3ms75argosy said...

Ohhh.. I love jerky! Does it ship well? I live by the Oh Boy Oberto plant... I also visited the Tillimook factory in OR.. they sell a brand I like as well.. but blanking on the brand for now.

Seriously, I do like jerky!

Regarding the Crazy glue. We use a product (I'm a PICU RN) a brand called "Dermabond" to glue incisions together.. basically a sterile version of CG. However, my one concern is using the nonsterile stuff and getting germs glued in... although the solvents in the CG might just kill them anyway.

Also, way back in the beginning of the blog.. where'd you get that great junction box for the 12v pigtail? I think I'll use one for my '63 TW.

Love the dog!

alumanutz said...

Marc, that is just the cover that is under the front of the trailer. I think it is on all of them. I removed it and attached a "Junction Block" that I got at home depot for less than five bucks. I typed up the color code in word and printed it out and attached it to the inside of the cover with clear shipping tape. Send me a shipping address by PM and I will get you some jerky.

I love the dog also, can you tell!

Frank, a little blood seems to grease the A/S wheels. Enjoy the jerky back in the land of ice and snow!