Friday, November 14, 2008

The Chico Olympics part deux

Yesterday I took down some more sheet metal on the inside. It was such a nice day I decided to go outside and do some work on the Olympic rivets. I found that a light tap with a nail set to the center of the rivet, you get that great little belly button. It is perfect for drilling out the rivet, and you know you are in dead center.

The only problem was that I only have 100 5/32 Clecos!

This job will have to be done in stages. I have to wait for the weekends for my wife to be home during the day and buck rivets. I have found slight corrosion under each rivet head and no sealant. The entire side of the trailer is more like a strainer. It is no wonder this thing leaked. The access door for the fridge had no sealant at all.

As you can see by the different colored Cleco's, a few of the holes were bigger than 5/32.
I gooped it up with Vulcam and riveted it in. It was one of the few places I could reach inside and buck the rivets myself. I ran a bead of Vulcam around the frame and under each rivet head. I am gonna make sure this baby does not leak. Oh well, playing with the rivet gun is pretty cool!

I thought for my first time, it came out pretty good. Especially since I used the wrong rivet set. 3/16 is really close to 5/32. Oh well, next time will be even better.


Frank Yensan said...

John, I have 50 black and 50 copper. You need to borrow them?

alumanutz said...

Thanks for the offer but I think I will be replacing about 3-400 of these damn things. I will do it in stages. I found these online for 35 cents each, that's close to what shipping yours would cost (round trip). Thanks again, John.