Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fridge Vent Repairs

I did a quick Google search last night on ABS repair. I found a site (don't remember which one) that recommended using ABS cement. I picked up a couple of cans today and started playing. For some reason, somebody drilled a hole in the vent. App. 1 inch in diameter. This was in the area where there was a towel rack. Maybe they wanted the towels to dry faster! I don't like the idea of combustion gas inside the coach so I decided to practice on this one first.

I placed blue tape over the hole on the front. Then gave a light coat of ABS cement over the hole and tape.

Then I cut and placed a square of aluminum window screen over the wet cement.

I then put more cement over the top. I will check it tomorrow to see if it works out and post the findings.

1 comment:

sherri frechette said...

How did you line up the rivet holes again after the repair was complete?
Thank you!