Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Now for something different

I read several blogs,as I assume the rest of you do. Recently Frank has been showing off his excellent woodwork. Rob his huge woodpile and lovely home (well barn!)
It has been awhile since I have done any woodwork. I know that will change when I get to that part of the Safari. I don't normally cut wood, I am lazy and have it delivered already cut. What I do is burn wood. After retirement I started a custom cooking business specializing in BBQ. I am not open to the public and work by referral only. I enjoy making things you can't normally find anywhere else. This was last nights dinner for my wife and I.
I started out by taking a regular white onion and peeling it. I then cored it out but not all of the way through. I placed a beef bullion cube in the bottom and then filled it with butter then sprinkled a little dry rub on top. Wrapped in foil and placed it on the BBQ at about 250deg.

Next step was Pork loin. I took a long (9 inch) knife and cut a slit about 1 1/2 inch wide almost the full length of the loin. I then inserted a home made sausage into the slit. This step is not for the weak of heart. I did not photograph it. You can thank me later!.
The loin was rubbed down with my own dry rub and placed on the BBQ along with a handful of Cherry wood. It cooked for about 2 hours at 250 deg. The last 45 minutes of the cook I brushed the surface of the loin with Pineapple-Habenaro jelly (Yes Marcus, that stuff from Texas!)

The loin is wrapped in foil for about 1/2 hour after removal from the cooker to rest and the juices to redistribute. The onion is simply unwrapped and put into a bowl and sliced. It is like the most intense French Onion Soup you have ever tried.
I took some plain old russet potatoes and cubed them up. Tossed them in a bowl with olive oil, basil, oregano,garlic, salt and pepper. I also tossed in some with onions then put the whole thing in the oven on a cookie sheet for about 1 hour.

My wife doesn't like meat that much but she went back for seconds last night. I thought it was OK but I will try different sausages, or maybe apple pie filling.

My wife still works. When she comes home at night and finds this for dinner, she doesn't give me any crap about buying an old trailer or lots of tools to work on it. I hope you enjoy.

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utee94 said...

The food looks absolutely terrific. That is one of my favorite ways to serve pork loin. You might try stuffing with chorizo. And jalapeno jelly goes great with pork, as does the habanero jelly.

Now I'm hungry!

Thanks for the photos.