Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Chico Olympics!

It would appear that someone really liked Olympic rivets. I have used them to attach things like patches and the rain drip caps, but the entire side of the trailer is held together with the damn things.
I looked around on the outside and sure enough, the entire street side aluminum is attached with olympic rivets. I have yet to find any sign of Vulkem or any other sealant. Hopefully, that is where the leaks are. I have three tubes of Vulkem on hand and the number for Vintage Trailer Supply on speed dial.
I remember a long time ago I was reading Frank's blog. I am so gratful to have access to the material on this forum. There is no way I would attempt this project without the information others have posted. Anyway, Frank had gone on a rant about Olympic rivets and their misuse. That stuck with me. Shortly after, I found this set on EBAY and won the bid. I guess I am going to get to learn how to use them!

This is the handle of a four inch screwdriver. Notice, it is just the handle, not the shaft. That part went thru the floor. Gawd this stuff is fun!!


crowldawg said...

If you don't take off the inside panels aren't olympics the only way to go?
If that screw driver is only in a small amount of rot think about using a marine product called "get rot" .I had a small soft spot near the door.I oppted to try that instead of tearing out a much larger section like I did on the street side

alumanutz said...

Without removing the interior panels, I don't know any way of replacing bucked rivets. Olympics have held on so far. I have no idea how old this repair is. Since I have the interior skins removed to find and repair water leaks, I go back with bucked rivets. The area that the screwdriver is stuck into extends for about 1 1/2 ft with varying degrees of rot. I want to replace that section.

utee94 said...

Yup, I'd go ahead and buck that panel in, and obviously use plenty of vulkem as you do it. Like my dear-old-dad always says, "Do it right. Do it once."

You can just think of those Olympics as single-use clecoes I guess... :)

Nice work, keep it up!


alumanutz said...

I love the idea of single use cleco's!! I'm gonna steal that line.
Are you gonna post again someday Markus?

Frank Yensan said...

John, The pride you are going to feel when this is all done, knowing you did it and it was done right, ... well that feeling will be priceless.