Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stove vent replacement

The original vent was twisted and warped. I'm not sure why. After removing it I found that the screen over the vent had holes about 1/2 inch square. We got some skinny bugs here in Northern California so I backed it up with leftover aluminum screen from the windows. I know that this may be a bit too fine but I don't really think this vent will be used this much.
After installing the vent with new butyl tape and Olympic rivets it looks like it should.

The most interesting thing I found with this installation was rather unexpected. The vent cover is black plastic painted silver. There were a few nicks the cover got during shipping. There was also a few marks left from the black "Sharpie" where I had marked for holes. I had a "Metallic Silver" sharpie that normally is used for marking steel. It so happens that it worked great for touch on the vent. Like touch up paint for your car. They are available at any welding supply or stationary store.

The focus isn't the best but it says "Metallic Silver"

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