Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Electrical Gods Hate Me

I have my first rally coming up this weekend. As could be expected, I went to test my lights and nothing is working right. Everything on the truck looks OK.
Tonight I moved on to the trailer. I pulled apart the plug to check the color scheme.
I cleaned off the wires to eliminate the possibility of corrosion being the culprit.
This is what the junction box looked like. Not as bad as many I have seen on the Forum.

I hate wire nuts so I changed things out to this. This is the cover for the junction box. On the right is a 25 amp circuit breaker for the electric jack. Due to the wire size, I left the ground wires connected with a wire nut.
This should make it easy to check connections. I even made up a legend with a color code and covered it with shipping tape. The foam tape is to try and keep out or reduce the moisture.

Of course, the Boss was there keeping an evil eye on me! Notice the emergency tennis ball in his armpit! Can't be too well prepared.

The lights still didn't work. I then tore apart the ground buss at the back. Cleaned the wires and connections. I got the signals to work but the clearance lights (new) had a real faint glow, like a cigarette coal, but really faint. No stop lights. With all of these problems, I figure it has to be a problem with a ground. Since I have the junction board, I will be able to easily check continuity from the trailer plug to the junction board, then check grounds. I will also be able to check voltage to see why the clearance lights are so dim. Back to it tomorrow.

This is what I ended up with. Its a lot easier to work with than wire nuts. I got everything working today. I did a few things before testing so I am not sure what happened to fix it. I think it was cleaning all of the contacts on the trailer plug. A small file and the brass contacts shined up, everything working!!


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