Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lets wreck this baby!

We went to our first rally last week. What a blast! Met some really great people had had a fantastic time. Next one out here is scheduled for April on the Northern California Coast. We are planning to go but I thought we need a little interior work done first. Well one thing turned to another and I am now doing a complete interior overhaul. Floor, electrical, plumbing cabinets and anything else I can do. This is the starting point.

After a few hours gathering tools, drilling rivets and finding hidden screws this is what I ended up with.

Of course, the required dog picture!


Frank Yensan said...

Oh John, you have gotten into it now... it is all up hill from here.

utee94 said...

That's what I call a "sudden change!"

Can't wait to see what you do, keep it up!


alumanutz said...

Thanks for the feedback guys. Sometimes I wonder if anybody is reading this stuff. Its a pain to do if nobody is gonna read it!

utee94 said...

Frank reads every day. He gets made when the rest of us do not post. Don't disappoint Frank! ;-)

Just kidding, I'm reading every day too. I know it takes time, so thanks very much for the documentation!


Tom said...

Good looking dog there.