Monday, October 20, 2008

The destruction continues

Got some more torn out today. I think they must have an entire staff of engineers to figure how to put in just a couple of extra rivets to keep it interesting.

Several rivets later and a whole bunch of rusty screws that were covered in carpet cement, here we are!

You know how it is," while I'm in this far, I will take a look at this". Good thing I did. This is the inlet to the water heater and the copper pipe feeding it. Good thing I checked it now.Plugged solid. Another item to add to the list!

So far, this is the worst floor damage I have found. There was a missing piece of sealant along the side of the water heater door.

You know ole "Blue eyes had to make an appearance!

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Tom said...

Knucklehead sits so still for pictures, you'd think he never moves.