Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fixing Broken Glass

With the tub removed and placed in my shop I thought I would do a little work on it. I am always amazed at how many holes people can put into an airstream. I decided to start out with a clean slate and fill all the holes.

I started out by covering all of the holes with blue painters tape. Each piece of tape is at least one hole, sometimes two or three!

Then the holes were brushed with resin, fiberglass mat was placed over them and the mat was soaked with more resin.

After this cured I fliped the whole thing over and drippled resin into each hole to fill them. Each one was then sanded smooth.
The cut seen in my previous post in the bottom drain was filled with Marine Tek epoxy and sanded smooth.

I couldn't resist leaving a little souvenir for the next person that tears this trailer apart. A business card embedded in fiberglass!

Next I will move onto the sink. Meanwhile I will continue to research painting these. I don't think "Tuff as Tile" will work because the whole thing will flex during re installation and crack the coating. I am leaning toward using the flexible bumper paint Frank used in Anna.

The required Toby picture. My wife snuck into this one.


utee94 said...

You could also try the Brightside 1-part polyurethane paint, that's what I used and others have as well. It's a marine product made for repainting boat hulls, so should respond okay to the movement associated with a travel trailer, but I'm still in the midst of renovation so I can't tell you how well it wil hold up.

alumanutz said...

Marcus, thanks for the heads up on this product! I can't believe I did not see that in your blog. It sure looks lots easier than the bumper paint. Do you know if it is safe for ABS? My sink and sink skirt are abs. Thanks, John

utee94 said...

That's a good question John, and I don't know the answer. Mine is fiberglass, but Forums member fotochop has a later-model Safari, maybe a '69, and he used it on his bathroom too, which I believe has ABS parts? Take a look here:

Hopefully that will help you out, good to see you working on it again! :)


Frank's Trailer Works said...

John, if you use the urethane paint be sure to clean your equipment right away after you finish. The hardener does get the product very hard and once it goes off, the product is impossible to get off.
Also, that last batch of jerky was kick ass!!!!