Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hugo got new shoes

We are getting ready for our first rally. I've been working on the trailer trying to get it ready. I won't have the interior any way near ready. It will be an aluminum tent. I installed a new Dexter axle. This last week I got new wheels and tires for it. Next week I will be installing the brake controller and testing things out. New fantastic fans working out great! I hope my luck holds.

I you plan on using the Dexter axle, be aware that you will need new rims. The center hub is a little over 4 inches and the stock wheel with the baby moons won't fit.

The boss even came out to keep an eye on me. He's a tough guy to work for. Never far from that tennis ball.


Frank Yensan said...

I have a brown dog too. Is yours a Chessie? Did I mention how much we liked the jerky? Thanks again John.

alumanutz said...

Choc. lab with something else. He was a rescue dog off of Craigs list. I was afraid the jerky killed you, hadn't heard a thing. Hope you liked the tunes. Some are pretty political.