Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Color Codes? We don't need no Stinking Color Codes!!

Latest project has been to install two Fantastic Fans in the Safari before we go to our first rally. After I removed the vent lids and drilled out a bunch of rivets, I had everything stripped down and ready for the new fans. The fans come with a foam gasket but I was concerned about how well that would hold up to the elements. I made a quick call to Frank Y. He told me he used the Butyl tape and SS screws. It is so cool to have someone you can call with questions. The forum is fine, but not when you are in the middle of a project. You may not get an answer for a few days there.
Next step was to make sure I had power to the vent for the fan. On the front vent I only had one white wire. I had to remove a light fixture to see if I could tap into a hot wire for power. The picture is what I found.

It appears some PO figured it was just fine to solder just any wire to any wire to make it longer. As the photo shows, this idiot had reversed the polarity!! This would guaranty blown fuses if it had been powered up or worse, fried fans. In the first photo you can also see that even though the wires should be in pairs, there are more white than black. I found some black wires that had been broken off and then just shoved into the cavity.

I finally got everything sorted out and hooked up. The fans work fine. Thanks Frank. Next project after the rally will be to start pulling interior skins and checking all of the wiring!!


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